Joint Session: IG Domain Repositories, IG RDA/WDS Certification of Digital Repositories

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27 January 2015 1146 reads

Start certifying your domain repository now: the first 90 minutes!

The RDA IGs Domain Repositories and Certification of Digital Repositories will organise a joint session at RDA Plenary 5. This session will offer you the possibility to receive practical information on the standard of your preference and to get started with the certification process. Representatives of the four standards, DSA, ICSU/WDS, DIN/NESTORseal and ISO16363, will be available during this session to guide you and to answer any question you may have.


1. Introducing repository certification – George Alter

2. Lightning talks on the four standards:

·       DSA – Mary Vardigan

·       WDS – Michael Diepenbroek

·       NESTORseal – Ingrid Dillo

·       ISO 16363 – Robert Downs

3. Information desks open!

All chair names:

George Alter, Robert Hanisch, Ruth Ellen Duerr, Peter Doorn

Ingrid Dillo, Michael Diepenbroek, Mustaphe Mokrane 


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