Joint meeting of IG Development of cloud computing capacity and education in developing world research & IG Data for Development

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21 July 2015 1741 reads

24 September 2015- BREAKOUT 4 - 11:00


Both IG’s have an expressed interest in how the data revolution can enable and assist Low and Middle Income Countries. The Cloud computing IG approaches this from a technical perspective in terms of enabling researchers in LMIC’s to access data and computation. The Data for Development IG approaches this from the perspective of how data can aid development studies, human rights, conflict research and vulnerable and hidden populations. In this meeting, these groups will use the opportunity to see what possible overlap lies between them and to look for ways to move forward.



  • Determine what overlap lies between the two groups.

  • Summarising goals of both groups.

  • Determining possible future shared actions.


Agenda :-

  • Brief presentation of both IG’s

  • Discussion on common goals.

  • Discussion of possibility of common actions.


Contact Person: Hugh Shanahan

Co-chairs: Andrew Harrison, Ingvill Mochmann, Julia Maintz