IG Data Rescue RDA 8th Plenary meeting

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01 June 2016 1692 reads

Meeting title: Updates and Potentials: Drawn from the recent Boulder Workshop on "The Rescue of Data At Risk"

Please give a short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

The DAR-IG (affiliated to the CODATA "Data At Risk" Task Group) is a forum for discussing efforts to retrieve observations and records (mostly from the pre-digital era).  Many of its members are active in data rescue projects of various kinds, and mostly work in isolation.Through the IG they meet others facing parallel problems, share suggestions, share success stories, and also share accounts of failed attempts for constructive analysis.

Please provide additional links to informative material related to your group i.e. group page, 

* www.codata.org/task-groups/data-at-risk
* https://rd-alliance.org/groups/data-rescue.html

Case statement, working documents etc 

* Those are available on the two Group pages just mentioned.
* A link to the Boulder Workshop is also given on the CODATA page.

Please list the meeting objectives

To inform the community of outcomes from the Boulder Workshop, in particular new directions, resolutions, deliverables 

Meeting agenda

Report on the Boulder Workshop, with discussion of greater engagement by the community in matters relating to Data Rescue.

Audience: Please specify who is your target audience and how they should prepare for the meeting

Everyone at the Plenary.  No special preparation needed.

Group chair serving as contact person: Elizabeth Griffin (John Faundeen and Steve Diggs running the session)