IG Data Foundations and Terminology RDA 8th Plenary meeting

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27 May 2016 1390 reads

Meeting title RDA P8 workshop DFT IG Breakout Session

Please give a short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

Agreed upon terminology, the meaning of terms used in discussion, remains an important aspect of all RDA group work. The DFT IG task has been to continue the discussion evoked by the RDA DFT WG to support continuing RDA efforts regarding basic data concepts & framework models along with their vocabularies. A key aspect of the work is to support broader model and vocabulary agreements for and across these RDA WGs and IGs along with their representative communities and stakeholders.

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This will help continue the synchronization of RDA conceptualization and enable better understanding within and between RDA groups and provide updates on the term tool operation and functionality.
It will allow newer groups to present their vocabularies and issues to the group and discuss relations to other groups and their definitions

In addition. improvements in the depth of definitions will be discussed to support better synchronize conceptualization, 
enable better understanding within and between communities and
stimulate tool building and terminological services such as mapping between vocabularies and finding similar terms.

Meeting agenda

The following is the working agenda for the DFT Breakout session at P8

An Overview of DFT IG history & the Breakout Session Agenda- 
Explaining additions to the DFT vocabulary & overview of the Ted-T tool to capture vocabularies and progress providing thesaurus Services using SKOS format in collaboration with the VSIG.
New vocabularies (e.g. RDA/CODATA Legal Interoperability IG)
Discussion of Data Aggregations
Mapping to other vocabularies
Liaison relation to other RDA IGs and WGs & Solicitation of ideas for additional Use Cases and candidate vocabulary items: 
MIG and related RDA work

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Data in Context
Data Fabric IG
Brokering IG
IG Marine Data Harmonization
Big Data IG
Research Data Repository Interoperability WG
National Data Services

Group chair serving as contact person Gary Berg-Cross

Some slides available - see the DFT site for 

An Overview and Update by Gary Berg-Cross



Data-driven Vocabulary Development by RDA Fellow Ahmed Eleish.



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