IG Data Fabric - From testing RDA output to widely agreed recommendations

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03 January 2016 1142 reads
Date & time: Thursday 3rd March - 09:00 - 10:30 - Working Meeting Session 6
Meeting title: From testing RDA output to widely agreed recommendations

Chairs: Alan Blatecky, Peter Wittenburg, Larry Lannom, Beth Plale, Michael Lautenschlager, Zhu Yunqiang

During the DFIG sessions at P6 we had lots of debates about testing and testbeds. Yet these discussions were carried out in the realm of DFIG. It was discussed to start carrying out this work first in the DFIG web-pages and a wiki will be set up until January to cover useful information. Currently, where all testing is centred on infrastructural results this association makes sense, but it is certainly not a model for the future. The questions remain how to organize aggregating information and reports on testing, how to aggregate widely agreed knowledge from this activity and how to turn this knowledge into recommendations based on rough consensus. Here we need to separate two types of recommendations:
- each reviewed RDA WG output is a recommendation from RDA that the results are ready to be applied, but as for IETF RFCs there is no statement about wide adoption
- on the other hand the funders want to reduce the huge solution space and need widely accepted solutions that can be turned into recommendations

How do we want to organize the step from RDA recommendations to recommendations supported by funders?

At the session we want to address these open questions.

We suggest continuing the discussions with a clear focus on 3 aspects:
- what is the state of testing activities in the various regions
- what is the best process to aggregate information about these activities and how to best extract widely agreed knowledge from all testing work towards 
- how to finally come to recommendations that can be supported by funders to help reducing the huge solution space
- Introduction to the questions and state of discussions
- short statements from regions and experts on views/actions
- discussions 
- wrap up and next steps
Also here we invite experts that are engaged in infrastructure building, see the need for actions to reduce the solution space and the inherent policy aspects of the questions.
Peter Wittenburg