IG Data Fabric: Towards a Harmonized Solution for Repository Registry System - P6 meeting session

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22 July 2015 1853 reads

25 September 2015- BREAKOUT 8 - 11:30


The BoF Session at P5 and ongoing discussions afterwards clearly indicated that participants discussed at least 3 flavours of repository registries that are very close but that require different information from the repositories: (1) mainly human readable information about the type and purpose of a repository, (2) metadata type of information describing the collections that a typical domain repository is offering, (3) mainly machine readable information about nodes in federations to enable automatic processing. It was understood that currently service providers and federation builders all request information addressing the different needs in an uncoordinated way making the task for providing and maintaining the information by the repositories very time consuming. Often repositories cannot afford this effort leading to a lack of quality. The group will organize a session that has as task to discuss the following:
- determining the schema requirements for the three flavours
- understanding how the requirements can be synchronized
- determining the next steps to come to a harmonized schema for repositories that can be harvested by any service provider for various purposes
The purpose of the group finally is to define a WG that will work out the harmonized schema that will help to reduce effort and increase quality. An RDA approved schema will foster investments at the various repositories. 
If there are no participants that want to introduce new flavours which have not been discussed yet there will be no presentations (except the introduction), i.e. the session is meant to be a discussion towards very clear goals.
The five editors of the Repository Registry documents which have been written so far support the organization of this session which will take place in the realm of the Data Fabric IG. This session should be held after the requested double session of Data Fabric IG.
Editors of documents: Robert Hanish, Mark van der Sanden, Herman Stehouwer, Michael Witt, Peter Wittenburg, Karmela Krleza-Jeric, Johannes Reetz


Contact Person:  Peter Wittenburg

Co-chairs: Rob Pennington, Zhu Yunqiang