IG Data Fabric: State of Data Fabric Discussion and Next Steps - P6 meeting session

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22 July 2015 2234 reads

IG Data Fabric 1: State of Data Fabric Discussion and Next Steps - 23 September 2015- BREAKOUT 2 - 13:30

IG Data Fabric 2: State of Data Fabric Discussion and Next Steps - 23 September 2015- BREAKOUT 3 - 15:30

We are requesting a double session to discuss in detail the comments that have been made to the PARIS document and to dig into the details of Use Case decriptions. After the recent meetings we expect many comments on the PARIS document which can be agreeing with statements, disagreeing or pointing to other issues not addressed by the paper.
This double session will be a milestone in the discussions about principles, trends and components in so far as it will identify agreement, disagreement and missing points and further steps to take to turn convergence into actions and to understand ways to go to dicuss areas where we still see divergence of opinions. 
In a similar way we will include an analysis of the provided Use Cases in the discussions to always ground discussions and to not end up in theoretical computer science debates.
The sessions will be determined by the comments and use cases we received. There will be almost no lengthy presentations. It could be that we will ask certain experts who gave comments or who provided use cases to elaborate on their thoughts/work.
The output of the meeting will be (a) an improved understanding about wide agreement and disagreement, (b) a new version of the PARIS document covering the results of the discussions, and (c) a note that suggests concrete steps of how to move ahead. 
- brief intro of DF, Paris Document and Use Cases (20)
- analysis of new elements from Use Cases (10)
- discussions/comments of Use Cases
- discussions about comments and assessing robust consensus
- discussion about concrete next steps
The co-authors of the Paris paper are supporting this request for a double session.

Contact Person:  Peter Wittenburg

Co-chairs: Rob Pennington, Zhu Yunqiang