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27 January 2015 1389 reads

RDA Data Fabric IG Core Session

Rob Pennington, Peter Wittenburg, Zhu Yunqiang

The core DFIG session at Wednesday 16.00 (breakout 6) will be an intensive discussion on all DF aspects. This is a tentative agenda that is intended to be responsive to new items coming up and can be changed as necessary.

Formal Issues (agenda, chairing, process, country/regional
activities, flyer, etc.)
White Paper 1.0, comments and changes

Use case template in Detail  [ZYQ1]




Analysis of first use cases 



17:10 other business
17:20 wrapup, next stept
17:30 end

One goal of this session is to exchange information on the various activities in the different countries/regions with respect to DF. For example:

·       In Europe there has been an invitation to participate in a discussion about DF in May

·       In Germany there has also been an invitation to participate in a discussion about DF in May

·       Other countries in Europe and elsewhere may follow

The reasons for these regional/national session and its goals are:

·       It is impossible that all interested experts will come to the plenaries. However we need to include them in the discussions.

·       It is necessary to integrate all knowledge from successful projects in our discussions and to motivate people to participate with Use Cases etc.

We need to take care that this approach results in a complete and coherent picture, i.e. relevant contributions and meeting notes etc., should be entered into the DFIG wiki pages which must be open to all active people in DFIG and RDA.

 [ZYQ1]Is it possible change to : Use Case Template in Detail and take Geodata.cn as an example