IG Data Fabric - Machine readable Repository Registries for large Federations

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03 January 2016 1809 reads
Date & time: Tuesday 1st March - 16:30 - 18:00 - Working Meeting Session 3
Machine readable Repository Registries for large Federations

Chairs: Peter Wittenburg, Johannes Reetz, Michael Witt, Tiziana Ferrari, Robert Hanisch

It is widely accepted that trustworthy repositories are key to build persistent and functional data infrastructures. At the plenary P6 in Paris we differentiated between 3 types of repository registries:
- Collection Registries that easily indicate human users what kinds of collections are being stored by a certain data centre
- Human-readable registries of (trustworthy) repositories that store relevant data (here re3data should be supported)
- Machine (and human) readable registries that store all kinds of detailed important information about repositories and their data services

It was also suggested to have one schema that can be used by repositories to generate the required information allowing various services providers to extract the information they need to maintain their services. 

This session will focus on discussing the WG proposal (needs to be submitted in January/February) on Machine Readable Repository Registries (M3R) for automatic processing in large federations and its major characteristics.

It was obvious that this discussion should not be mixed with well-known registries aggregating metadata of data objects and collections, since different aspects need to be taken care of. However, repository registries will specify information about the ports that can be used to harvest metadata by services providers. 

(wg proposal will come in January, discussions until now under the umbrella of DFIG)
The session will focus on the following 4 questions:
- what is the scope of M3R also in relation to other repository registries
- what are the characteristics of such M3R and which suggestions are there
- who wants to become engaged in this WG
- what are the next steps
- Introduction to M3R
- Relation to re3data and collection registries
- Short intro to existing solutions and their schemas
- Extracting commonalities between schemas
- Next steps
We invite to this sessions all experts that are involved in building large federations and that are dependent on operational and automatically processable detail information about repositories. Since we are at the beginning of the discussion process of that WG we will first come up with an extended introduction that will allow new-comers to understand the topic. The intention nevertheless must be to have a clarification of the work program for the group.
Peter Wittenburg