IG Chemistry Research Data Working RDA 8th Plenary meeting

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31 May 2016 1839 reads

Meeting title: The IUPAC Color Books: Translation of Chemistry Terminologies to Digital Vocabularies  - Working Meeting

The Chemistry Research Data (DIG Chemistry) is focused on bridging the gap between the RDA and the chemistry community.  An important leadership organization in chemistry is the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).  IUPAC supports chemistry in numerous ways and one important area is the publishing of standards for the many facets of chemistry through the IUPAC 'Color Books'.  The color books have been developed and maintained by IUPAC members for many years and their analog format now needs an update.

This session will focus on a discussion of RDA outcomes and recommendations in the context of development of digital versions of the color books.  The goal is not only to update the terms in the color books to be useable in the digital realm but document the process so that it can be used as an exemplar for the development of future activities.


The objectives of the meeting are:
* Describe the contents of the IUPAC Gold Book (as an example color book) and how it is currently updated/managed
* Engage the participants in a conversation about the technical issues that need to be addressed for conversion to digital
* Develop a plan for the migration of the Gold Book terms to a new system

Targeted audience and how to prepare for the meeting:
This session is open to any RDA participants with an interest in chemical terminology, ontologies, knowledge representation.

Agenda (moderator: Stuart Chalk)
1. Introductions
2. Gold Book Overview (20 minutes)
3. Discussion on important factors in conversion of the terms (30 minutes)
4. Synthesis of a plan on how to approach the conversion to digital (20 minutes)
5. Open discussion

Meeting Chairs: Stuart Chalk, Ian Bruno