IG Chemistry Research Data RDA 8th Plenary meeting

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31 May 2016 1697 reads

Meeting Title: IG Chemistry Research Data: Recent Outcomes and Discussions - Informational Meeting

The newly formed IG Chemistry Research Data (DIG Chemistry) aims to foster diverse professional exchange on issues particular to data originating from the field of chemistry and seed efforts that are adaptable for different application purposes and across disciplines. This meeting will serve to update the community on the outcomes of recent activities relative to the group.

The objectives of the meeting are:
* Present the the outcomes of the first ACS CINF Data Summit
* Present a summary of the outcomes of the RDA/US, CDRIG, IUPAC Workshop held in July 2016
* Discuss subsequent developments from the ACS Meeting in Philadelphia held in August 2016

Targeted audience and how to prepare for the meeting:
This session is open to any RDA participants with an interest in chemistry research data.

Agenda (moderator: Stuart Chalk)
1. Introductions
2. ACS CINF Data Summit - Pain Points (20 minutes)
3. RDA/US, CRDIG, and IUPAC Workshop (30 minutes)
4. Thoughts form the ACS Meeting in Philadelphia (20 minutes)
5. Open discussion