IG Brokering RDA 8th Plenary meeting

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20 May 2016 1504 reads

Meeting title Brokering IG session: matching Interoperability requests and offers

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The Brokering IG, established in 2013, aims to discuss the overarching concepts and frameworks for achieving interoperability across different disciplinary data systems, leaving the systems autonomous and avoiding to push them towards any specific implementation model. Such technological solutions are commonly called brokering frameworks. They generally provide mediation and adaptation services, in a transparent way for the Users –either intermediate or final.

Brokers, in general, have existed for many years and have found application in diverse domains and industries, such as financial systems, business-to-business interfaces, business-to-consumer systems, medicine, and the automotive industry, to name a few. However, the emergence of brokers in science is relatively new. Brokering is now being piloted with great promise in cyberinfrastructure and science communities in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere.
Under the IG umbrella, a WG started in 2015 to deal with the Governance of Brokering Middleware. Another WG was recently proposed to take care of the existing mediation adaptation solutions.

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The objectives of the meeting are: to continue the discussion on the link between the IG and the other RDA Groups; to discuss Brokering IG role in the RDA activities matrix; to discuss the feedbacks received by the TAB and the Community on the WG proposal, recently submitted; to advance the discussion on the recognized challenges for adopting a brokering approach by the Data Community and present an update of the current international programs dealing with brokering implementation and application.

Meeting agenda

Agenda (moderation: Jay Pearlman) 1. Short introduction of the participants and their interest in the IG (all participants) 10 minutes; 2. Discussion to identify relations with other RDA Groups (all participants) 30 minutes; 3. Discussion of the feedback received on the new WG case statement (Wim Hugo and all participants) 20 minutes 4. Discussion on the recognized challenges for adopting a brokering approach by the Data Community (Stefano Nativi and all participants) 20 minutes; 5. Summary of the results (Jay Pearlman and Stefano Nativi)

Audience: Please specify who is your target audience and how they should prepare for the meeting

Targeted audience and how to prepare for the meeting: for this open session, we invite data practioners, policy makers and community adopters who are familiar with the Brokering technologies and in particular those who have experienced such solutions in the framework of international programmes, like: ICSU WDS, NSF Earth Cube and Data One, GEOSS, GEO BON, etc.

Group chair serving as contact person Stefano Nativi