IG Brokering - P6 meeting session

25 September 2015- BREAKOUT 7 - 09:30


  • To continue the discussion on the link between the IG and the other RDA Groups, with particular attention on the recently published recommendations from RDA. 
  • To discuss Brokering IG role in the RDA activities matrix, proposed by the TAB
  • To advance the discussion on the recognized challenges for adopting a brokering approach by the Data Community.
  • To present an update of the current international programs dealing with brokering implementation and application.

Contact Person: Stefano Nativi

Co-chairs: Jay Pearlman



  • (09:30 - 09:40) Introduction (Stefano and Jay);
  • (09:40 - 10:20) RDA outcomes and the possible contributions/synergy with the Brokering IG -and discussion (SJS Khalsa and Stefano, all);
  • (10:20 - 10:40) Brokering IG/WG in the RDA activities matrix;
  • (10:40 - 10:50) Report on the Governance WG activities (Jay)
  • (10:50 - 11:00) Wrap-up (Jay and Stefano)