IG Brokering - P5 meeting session

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29 January 2015 1495 reads
Stefano Nativi, Jay Pearlman

Brokers, in general, have existed for many years and have found application in diverse domains and industries (e.g. financial systems, business-to-consumer systems, medicine, automotive industry).  However, the emergence of brokers in science is relatively new.  Brokering is now being piloted with great promise in e-infrastructure and science communities in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere.

In science, Brokering architectures introduce a new (middleware service) framework that does not belong either to the Data Producer’s or to the User’s Communities. Its governance and sustainable operation emerges as a clear challenge.

A WG was recently started to address the issues of governance, which are important at this time. 

This session will discuss the Brokering challenge and opportunities presenting important experiences from significant programs, such as GEOSS, ICSU WDS, and Earth Cube.
  • Introduction (All) ;
  • The Brokering challenges and opportunities (Chairs).
  • Big Data challenges and the Brokering approach.
  • The current international experiences.
  • The Brokering Hackathon
  • Wrap-up (Chairs)