IG Biodiversity Data Integration RDA 8th Plenary meeting

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29 May 2016 1911 reads

Meeting title

Developing a Global Research Infrastructure framework for bio-collections

Rationale of the session

The future of biological collections lies in greater integration and cooperation, with common practices, policies and systems. Achieving this requires mechanisms that enable us to draw on successful workflows, technologies and processes, and develop fair and efficient business models that ensure long-term sustainability of infrastructure.
Globally, several successful initiatives have demonstrated capacity to develop and operate research infrastructures at national or regional level. In USA and Australia, for instance, there are ongoing successful examples for large-scale digitisation of bio-collections, harmonisation of the generated data and development of openly accessible data portals. In Europe, a similar initiative is on the way, for enhancing virtual access to bio-collections. 

During this Symposium we will present current and under development regional and continental-wide initiatives for developing Research Infrastructures. Building on the work of the US based ADBC programme and its coordinating groups, like iDigBio, as well as the work of organisations and projects such as CETAF, GBIF, TDWG, NSCA and SYNTHESYS we aim to set an international framework for developing a bio-collections GRI.

Meeting agenda

11.30 - 11.40 - Introduction and scoping of session - Dimitris Koureas
11.40 - 11.55 - Technical design for the European Research Infrastructure of Scientific Collections - Donald Hobern
11.55 - 12.10 -
iDigBio data portal architecture - Alex Thompson
12.10 - 12.25 -
PID centric Configuration model - Tobias Weigel
12.25 - 13.00 -
Open Discussion - D. Hobern & D. Koureas

For this session we invite individuals from across the wide spectrum of international stakeholders relevant to the operations of a Global Research Infrastructure on bio-collections. In particular, data providers (Scientific Collections), data aggregators and infrastructures, relevant data standard bodies, and users (including researchers, industrial partners and policy makers). We would also like to invite representatives from RDA WGs with current and anticipated outputs relevant to the scope of the GRI, including the metadata groups members, the data citation WG members, the Research Data Collections WG, the PID Collections WG and the RDA/TDWG Metadata Standards for Attribution of Physical and Digital Collections Stewardship WG.

Session chairs:

Dimitrios Koureas - Coordinator, DiSSCo European Research Infrastructure Initiative

Donald Hobern - Secretary, Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)