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03 January 2016 1662 reads
Date & time: Wednesday 2nd March - 11:00 - 12:30 - Working Meeting Session 4
Meeting title: Considerations in Applying Big Data Technologies
BD IG seeks to develop community based recommendations on feasible data analytics approaches to address scientific community needs of utilizing large quantities of data. The objectives are complementary to the recent activities performed by ‘NIST big data’ working groups and supports formation of different working groups to tackle specifics problems.
Since the overall objective of the IG is to develop community-based recommendations regarding Big Data and the recommendations are essentially derived from the results and experience of working groups, we plan to make solid steps forward in Plenary 7 by
* Establishing better communications to foster more effective collaborations among the members within BD IG,
* Reporting progress and status of the proposed Array Database WG led by Prof. Peter Baumann,
* Discussing and finalizing the charter to propose the "Impact of Data Placement Misalignment WG" initiated by Kwo-Sen Kuo at Plenary 6, and
* Identifying other high-priority considerations in applying Big Data technologies to spawn more WGs.
* Introduce a new co-chair of the IG
* Discuss and establish better means and mode of intra-group communications.
* Report Array Database WG progress and status.
* Discuss and finalize the charter for "Impact of Data Placement Misalignment WG"
+ Kuo presents an example and preliminary study with results.
* Discuss and identify other areas of considerations to initiate suitable WGs to obtain bases for recommendations.
* BD IG members
* Any participants interested in Big Data matters.
Kwo-Sen Kuo