IG Big Data Analytics - P6 meeting session

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22 July 2015 1500 reads

25 September 2015- BREAKOUT 9 - 14:00

The BD IG will convene and exchange on Big Data issues, with an emphasis on actionable decisions and commitmemts (e.g., establishing a WG). Part of the slot will be reserved for a liaison meeting with the newly accredited Geospatial IG.
Preliminary Agenda:
* chairs: Opening & Introduction
* Wo Chang: NIST/ISO Big Data standardization activities
* Peter Baumann: Array SQL - Towards a Common Information Space for Scientists
* Kwo-Sen Kuo: Impact of Data Alignment to Performance on Shared-Nothing Architecture.
* Markus Goetz: Applications of Clustering for Large-Scale Datasets

Contact Person: Peter Baumann

Co-chairs: Kwo-Sen Kuo, Morris Riedel