IG Active Data Management Plans - RDA 13th Plenary Meeting

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10 Jan 2019
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Meeting title
Machine-actionable DMPs - revisit requirements, review WG outputs and reflect on next steps (Remote Access Instructions)


Collaborative session notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_KdIbMKnA2NHyDlrr4hPg-NDxuHPRKRalubSBZgnOCo/edit


Meeting Location: Commonwealth A1


Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities
At the 9th RDA Plenary in Barcelona, the Active DMPs IG ran a session on defining requirements for machine-actionable DMPs and established priorities so a series of working groups could be convened. Five ideas were put forward and two working groups were subsequently established.

The DMP common standards WG is in the wrapping up phase and the exposing DMPs WG is beginning to produce deliverables. It is now opportune to reconvene the IG to assure alignment between the groups, solicit feedback on emerging deliverables, and to gather consensus on next steps. Do these topics continue to be priority areas where more work is required, or should other ideas such as the domain specialisation and funder liaison be revisited? Further context on the general scope of the Active DMPs IG can be found in the case statement at: https://rd-alliance.org/group/active-data-management-plans/case-statemen...


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Meeting objectives

  • solicit feedback on emerging WG outputs
  • consider the extent to which the WG outputs are in alignment and are implementable
  • develop or ratify existing use cases to ensure the direction of WG activities meet focused needs
  • invite information to be shared about parallel initiatives taking place outside of RDA WGs
  • revisit other ideas to set priorities and plan future machine-actionable DMP work
  • invite / elect new co-chairs to replace those that have stepped down


Meeting agenda

  • 5 mins - Brief intro to Active DMPs, the two WGs and intentions for the session, Sarah Jones
  • 10 mins - Presentation of DMP common standards model, Peter Neish
  • 20 mins - Feedback on model, potential applications, any changes needed etc, chair Kevin Ashley
  • 10 mins - Presentation of exposing DMP survey results and use cases, speaker tbc
  • 15 mins - Feedback on outputs and planned group direction, chair Kevin Ashley
  • 20 mins - Plenary discussion on DMP priorities and continuation of WGs or new WGs needed
  • 10 mins - Nominations for Active DMP co-chair(s) and wrap up confirming WG actions calls
  • Discuss next steps


Target audience

  • Creators of DMPs; consumers of DMPs; research data infrastructure administrators; DMP service / tool providers
  • Please prepare by reviewing notes from the 9th plenary Active DMP IG session and the outputs from the two established WGs.


Group chair serving as contact person:
Sarah Jones


Type of meeting:
Working meeting


Remote Access Instructions
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