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As part of the RDA Europe 4 project (supporting RDA global), Trust-IT Services Ltd. (Trust-IT) will be redeveloping the RDA Global Website (www.rd-alliance.org), as outlined in the attached roadmap (revised version) developed by Trust-IT. The web platform is a crucial part of the RDA and is the main vehicle for communication. As the alliance grows, the web platform needs to evolve and meet the needs of the community, the groups, the stakeholders and the outside world.

The Web site aims to support the RDA Guiding Principles: Openness – Consensus – Balance – Community-driven – Non-profit, and more specifically:


  • Be the main RDA information tool for communicating with members & the larger audience.
  • Support the collaborative work and the exchange within the groups. 
  • Encourage information sharing, generate discussion and build consensus through the Requests for community review & comments. 
  • Facilitate adoption of the RDA Outputs by publishing the group results and promoting uptake, highlighting benefits and paths to adoption. 
  • Engage new community and organisational members and funders and strengthen synergies with relevant organisations and initiatives.
  • Provide updates, news/events/newsletters and announcements.
  • Bring practice, research, industry and policy closer together on a neutral platform.


The RDA Secretariat is convening an RDA Web focus group (WFG), which will be involved in the definition of the specifications and requirements of the new functionalities outlined in the Website roadmap.


This is the space for this focus group.


The web focus group is expected to be engaged in the design phase of each release, with the following specific tasks:

  • Website roadmap kick-off: feedback and general consensus on the plan and comments on the evolution foreseen – June 2018
  • Assessment and specifications, for each release:
    • feedback on the technical implementations proposed 
    • feedback on the mock-ups presented
    • testing of the key functionalities
    • green-light to go-live


The Doodle poll for the first conference call of the focus group can be found here: https://doodle.com/poll/pdu8uwphcv83ikcv

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02 Aug 2018

RE: [secretariat][rda-wfg] RDA website new graphical theme

One minor point, the “social media” icons in the upper-right disappear when you do a rollover, which while cute, seems marginally useful (the old approach was a tiny bit better). I would replace this with a rollover popup, which says “RDA SlideShare”, or “Download RSS Feed”, as those 2 icons in particular may not be recognizable to most people.
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02 Aug 2018

RE: [secretariat][rda-wfg] Re: [secretariat][rda-wfg] RDA website new graphical theme

I agree with Hilary – looks great!
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Dear Sara,

23 Jul 2018

RE: [rda-wfg] Your opinion on 4 functionalities for RDA new website -...

Dear all,
apologies for a late answer! I agree with Mark here - having a single-sign on is nice, but IMHO it clearly is at the lower end of the priority item shortlist. (In fact, I'm not sure it belongs there at all.)
Cheers from the balmy north,
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23 Jul 2018

RE: [rda-wfg] Your opinion on 4 functionalities for RDA new website -...

I would agree with Hilary’s 1 and 2, and switch her 3 and 4, so the online catalogue is #3.
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Subject: Re: [rda-wfg] Your opinion on 4 functionalities for RDA new website -...
Dear Sara,

20 Jul 2018

Your opinion on 4 functionalities for RDA new website - feedback by Monday 23rd please

Dear Web Focus Group members,
As part of the Website Roadmap that we presented to you - you can find
attached the last version - there are four different functionalities
that we propose to implement but which require additional effort
compared to the resources available via the RDA Europe project. A
contract amendment is currently under discussion within RDA Europe
Executive Board, the decision making body within RDA Europe, where a
budget reallocation is also under discussion. In the framework of this

18 Jul 2018

RDA Website Roadmap: priority list according to your feedback

Dear all

thank you very much for your time during the call last week and for taking time to comment on the proposed mockup for the new homepage.

I've collected all your comments and organized them following the priority you gave them - they are all quite well aligned with the Roadmap that we presented. You can find them in this document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XjNtbnESVxkM5tSf9FKE-tAWGRxbepRoH0AV...

04 Jul 2018

Re: RDA Web Focus Group - questions about the homepage

Dear Sara (and others on the WFG!),
thanks for the chance to comment on the proposed changes to the RDA
I agree with the comments already made about Regions.
Let me also highlight the following things, in order from the top of the
JPG and working down:
*1. How we describe plenaries*
The distinction between the next and future plenaries has always been hard
to characterise.
My first preference would be this (we'd need to update it twice a year, but
it is unambiguous):
- Plenary 12
- Plenary 13

02 Jul 2018

Re: RDA Web Focus Group - Doodle poll for first call

Feedback on prioritisation (as requested):
Agree that the critical issues that need to be solved ASAP:
• Fixing the mailing list issues
• Accessibility
should be addressed first.
For the other items, I am happy with 1-3 below being in the same order:
1. Search functionality (as per the above comments)
2. Structured system behind the Web site, including better metadata
3. Improving organic groups or providing guidance on linking to external
But I would switch 4 and 5 below (that is, better info for new/existing

29 Jun 2018

Re: RDA Web Focus Group - questions about the homepage

Dear Sara,
Many thanks for this and I look forward to seeing the group's feedback on
the proposed graphic layout.
You say "The navigation tree as it is today: we will tend not to change the
actual navigation tree except for one new menu (Regions) where the National
Groups will be moved". I would ask that this NOT be done. The reason being
that RDA (global) is currently in the process of defining Regional
Engagement which is a formal partnership process and NOT related to the