Initial OAB meeting 12.11.2013 with minutes

Initial Organisational Advisory Board meeting

Tuesday, 12 November at 16:00 GMT. Web meeting link:

  1. Welcome and introduction of participants
  2. Discussion about the goals of the group
    • RDA Organisational Member process
    • RDA Organisational Member agreement
    • RDA Affiliated Member (Memorandum of Understanding)
  3. RDA Initial OAB working process
    • Meetings
    • Assignment of editing tasks
  4. Planning for the Organisational Assembly in Dublin March 2014
  5. AOB

The Initial OAB file repository is at:  (RDA Organisational Advisory Board (OAB)).

Draft Minutes from the meeting (v13.11.2013)


  1. The Chair wished everybody welcome to the meeting with a short introduction by everyone
  2. The Chair presented the goals of this group around the three bullet points. The Chair empasised the importance of the Organisational and Affiliate Members in RDA, gave a short status on the RDA Articles of Association (AoA) being prepared and finalised by the end of year 2013. The membeship fees can only be accepted after the is legally setup.
    • RDA Organisational Member process
      • A first draft document exists [link], which will need significant rewriting also from this group.
      • The meeting discussed the importance of having clearly written guidelines for accepting new Organisational and Affiliate Members.
      • It was also brought forward the interest to provide the Organisational/Affiliate Members to put up on the RDA web site a statement why the organisation is involved and what the involvement will include.
      • It was agreed that the Organisational Advisor Board (OAB) is also the interim working body between the RDA Plenaries where the Organisational Assembly (OA) meets every sixth month.
      • The suggestion  that an organization should be required to provide a maximum of 200 words on how its work its consistent with the aims and purposes of RDA and shares in its commitments was put forward for discussion.
      • During the meeting the question to get private funding agencies involved was raised.  Good examples would be Gates Foundation, Sloan and Howard Hughes. This is an important matter that OAB needs to return to.
    • RDA Organisational Member agreement
      • The agreement should be as simple as possible to avoid lengthy legal discussions [Walter Stewart's input here and discussion thread here]
      • The RDA subgroup working on intellectual property questions will contribute to creating the agreement
      • The final RDA AoA will also influence the final agreement
    • RDA Affiliated Member (Memorandum of Understanding)
      • It was agreed that the first MoUs will be prepared among the group with persons from RDA, CODATA, International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE), ORCID and WDS
  3. The Chair opened the discussion by apologising for the impossible task to find a meeting time, which would with all time zones. The meeting discussed different aspects of how IOAB should create its working processes.
    • It was agreed that Juan and Leif explores the possibilities to arrange extra meetings to enable the participation from time zones quite distant to the GMT zone.
    • The current Flash based web meeting application worked well as a conference facility but many had difficulties in reaching to the data repository. It was agreed that leif would ask the technical support about improving the access to the file repository and access to the files. There is already a Flash meeting reserved for 26th November but Juan and Leif need to look into options of including more far time zones into the meeting loop.
    • Kevin, Laure, Peter and Simon volunteered for the editing tasks of the documents to be prepared by this group. A matrix of differnt documents in preparation or needed is presented at the main OAB page or through the [link].
  4. The Chair introduced the coming Organisational Assembly in Dublin March 2014
    • So far no practical arrangements for the Organisational Assembly meeting in Dublin have been done.
    • The meeting discussed the option to arrange a panel session with the Organisational/Affiliate Members where they could discribe how their organisation is promoting global research data interoperability and telll why they are involved.
    • There should also be an opportunity for reflecting on the different experiences global research data interoperability by the organisations.
    • The current program committee for the Dublin Plenary should be approached to discuss different options for arranging the Organisational Assembly meeting(s).
  5. No other business. The Chair thanked the participants and the meeting was closed.