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TAB Liaison: 
Christine Kirkpatrick, Devika Madalli, Rob Quick

The objective of this Working Group is to clearly define detailed guidelines on data sharing and re-use under the present COVID-19 circumstances to help researchers follow best practices to maximize the efficiency of their work. The group will address the development of such detailed guidelines on the deposit of different data sources in any common data hub or platform. The guidelines aim at developing a system for data sharing in public health emergencies that supports scientific research, including a common framework, common tools and processes, and principles which can be embedded in research practice. The guidelines to be developed will address general aspects related to the principles the data should adhere to (FAIR and other principles), as well as specificities related to the three types of data of interest (omics data, clinical research data and epidemiological data).


  • ACTION for YOU: Please indicate (in the Google Spreadsheet) your contact information, area of Expertise (Domain Knowledge, Data Sharing, Ethics, Legal, Technology, Policy) in the context of one of the 5 categories above, and the Role you can best play (e.g. Writing/Editing, Commenting/Review, Dissemination, Observer) to ensure we are able to deliver. 

There will be lots of work and activities going on over the next few weeks, so we kindly ask you to respect the email usage and to use the spreadsheet to highlight your activities to others.


This Working Group operates according to the RDA guiding principles of Openness,  Consensus,  Balance,  Harmonization,  Community-driven,  Non-profit and technology-neutral and is OPEN TO ALL. This group is part of the joint activities carried out by CODATA, GO FAIR, RDA and WDS under their Data Together statement.