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Secretariat Liaison: 
Bridget Walker
TAB Liaison: 
Mingfang Wu


The RDA National PID Strategies Working Group (WG) was endorsed by RDA on 10 December 2021 to explore how Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) form part of national policy and research infrastructure implementation frameworks. The Group recognised that there are systemic and network benefits from widespread and consistent PID adoption, and funders, government agencies, and national research communities have created PID consortia or policies (including mandates) in pursuit of these benefits. The Working Group concludes on 10  June 2023 yet interest in the topic of the WG is higher than ever with national PID strategies on the rise and in rapid development. We therefore propose a National PID Strategies Interest Group to continue and further develop the active RDA community engagement in the topic. The benefits of transitioning from an RDA WG to an RDA IG include continuing to facilitate much needed discussion and alignment between the strategies, refinement of the value proposition and sharing practical development pathways to a national PID strategy.

Focus areas for the National PID Strategies IG include:

  • Facilitating information exchange between those developing and/or delivering national PID strategies

  • Facilitating engagement between developers of national PID strategies and international PID providers such as ORCID, DataCite and CrossRef

  • Collaboratively developing the value proposition for national PID strategies overall as well as its component parts (such as grant identifiers, person identifiers, organisation identifiers) that can be reused/adapted by the community

  • Collecting case studies of national PID strategies from countries across the globe 

  • Maintenance of the guide and checklist produced by the National PID Strategies WG