Plenary 3 - the long tail of research data

1100-1230 and 1400-1530 on Friday the 28th of March


Kathleen Shearer (Confederation of Open Access Repositories), Wolfram Horstmann (Oxford University), and Najla Rettberg (OpenAIRE)


The so called "long tail" of research data, often characterized as small, diverse data sets, are managed by many diverse players in many different contexts: universities, libraries, research centres, government as so on. The aim of this Interest Group is to develop a set of good practices for managing the "long tail" of research data, which comes its own unique challenges often quite different from managing homogeneous datasets.
At the last meeting of the Long Tail Research Data Interest Group in Washington, there were a number of suggestions about what work the Interest Group could pursue. At the top of the list were three topics: (1) to gather and share current practices and lessons learned (2) to work towards greater interoperability and (3) to facilitate discovery of long tail datasets. These three areas will be the focus of discussion at the Long Tail of Research Data Interest Group meeting.
The meeting will be divided into two parts. The first part will consist of several presentations describing institutional, service and technology profiles for the management of long tail research data, followed by questions and discussion. The second session will present the results of a recent survey of discovery metadata in repositories undertaken by Interest Group members. This will be followed by a discussion and how we can move towards greater interoperability in the future.