Linking Data to Publications

Linking data to publication

Dryad links to the publications related to the data using the DC:


ICPSR Bibliography of Data-related Literature: gold standard, at least for the social and allied sciences. 


In the 3TU.Datacenter (data repository for the technical sciences) datasets are linked to their publication. Good examples are:

The thesis ‘CFD in drinking water treatment’ of Bas Wols, with links between the thesis, a publication, data sets, several videos

The link between data and publication of Leo Kouwenhoven ‘Signatures of Majorana fermions in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanowire devices’ and his article in Science.


In recent years Bielefeld University, Germany (UNIBI) has been working on services for research data management that includes:
* UNIBI as a publication agent for DOIs for datasets as a service for
its researchers
* tool to create DMPs
* advancement of the "institutional repository" to support registration, deposit, description, exposition of research data sets and making links to publications and projects if possible
You can find a general overview of this kind of services:
examples of published data sets with a number of filter options:
The data can be either stored in our PUB "institutional repository"
and linked to a publication:
or linked to data services of a department or external data archives:
in the following example the record links to a dataset stored in the
CITEC - Cognitive Interaction Toolkit
exposition of dataset metadata using the DataCite metadata kernel via


The project "European Data Watch Extended"  ( has developed a pilot-application for managing research data in social sciences and economics journals.The tool is based on CKAN ( and open source available. 

The application uses the da|ra (a DOI-registration agency for social and economic data / part of DataCite) metadata schema.

Examples of published data sets are available here:

Please note, that the application still is under construction.

By the way: I think it is also very important to poin to the Dataverse Network ( A lot of journals in the social sciences are already using dataverse for attached data, i.e.