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Dimitris Koureas
IG Established

This IG started with a BoF session at the 10th RDA Plenary in Montreal in 2017. The minutes and powerpoint presentation of this session are available below. 

The IG Charter was approved in August 2018 and can be found below as well.

At the 12th Plenary in Gaborone the IG hosted a succesful session, which was well attended.

Presentations an minutes will be shared  shortly.


Recent Activity

14 Dec 2018

A questionnaire from the Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions IG

Dear Open Questionnaire for Research Data Sharing Survey IG co-chairs,
I attended the Questionnaire IG at Gaborone and was interested by the proposed work of the group, finally getting around to joining today. We've been putting together a questionnaire of our own in the RDARI IG that we would like to launch in early 2019 if possible. The idea behind our survey is to:
* Compare policies and practicalities between institutions
* Understand the state of the art when it comes to institutional architectures to support research data management