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13 Jun 2016

Weather, climate and air quality IG

Secretariat Liaison: 

In a field where the amount and the data sources increase exponentially, it becomes critical to find efficient solutions at a community level to address problems such as storage, indexing, metadata, sharing, or analysis. The global objectives of this Interest Group will be to explore and discuss the challenges for management, efficient analysis and dissemination of large and diverse datasets generated by the weather, climate and air quality communities.

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Working Group Process Task Force

Chair (s): 

This Task Force was created by Council and charged with defining the complete WG process from initial idea to delivery and maintenance of final deliverables (including key handoffs and transitions).


  • Mark Parsons, Secretariat (chair)
  • Stefanie Kethers, Secretariat
  • Bill Michener, Technical Advisory Board 
  • Francoise Genova, Technical Advisory Board 
  • Andrew Treloar, Technical Advisory Board 
  • Fran Berman, Council
  • Ross Wilkinson, Council

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