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Life sciences are becoming increasingly more data intensive, especially resulting from the huge improvements in large-scale gene sequencing and other “omics” techniques. There is need for large-scale sustainable data storage methods allowing secure and easy access to these highly complex data. Simultaneously, since life science research projects increasingly depend on more than one type of measurement, there is a wide–felt need for integrating data of different types. Very similar issues and similar data sets come up in the different sectors of life sciences, such as health, agriculture, bioindustry and marine life, calling also for interoperability between these sectors. ELIXIR (http://www.elixir-europe.org) has been established to build a sustainable pan-European research infrastructure for biological information providing support to life science research including medicine, agriculture, bioindustry and society.

The ELIXIR Bridging Force Interest Group is formed to serve as a bridge between ELIXIR and relevant RDA Interest Groups, e.g. those on agricultural data, big data analysis, federated identity management, marine data, structural biology, toxicogenomics, and data publishing. Furthermore, ELIXIR will interact with relevant infrastructures outside Europe, e.g. NCBI.

The ELIXIR Bridging Force IG will not duplicate ongoing efforts, but rather work as an information bridge between RDA and ELIXIR and other relevant organisations. A few examples of tasks of importance for life sciences are:

•          Interoperability of different kinds of large-scale (“omics”) data

•          Sustainability of life science data identifiers

•          Mechanisms for secure access to sensitive data, including authorisation and authentication issues

•          Strategies for data storage allowing for computationally intensive analyses


Recent Activity

19 Jun 2017

Potential joint session for P10

Dear Chairs of the ELIXIR Bridging Force IG,
Following up on the Call for Sessions for the upcoming RDA P10
(https://www.rd-alliance.org/rda-10th-plenary-call-sessions), I would like
to initiate a discussion regarding a potential Joint Session between the
BioSharing WG and the Data Discovery Paradigms IG (DDPIG -

04 Nov 2016

Interoperability standards - review for the Wellcome Trust

/(apologies for cross-posting)/
Dear ELIXIR IG members,
given the relevance of the topic, I would like to flag a review we have
done for the Wellcome Trust
*"Interoperability Standards - Digital Objects in Their Own
part of a set of reports just released on related topics:

06 Sep 2016

Demo you Software at RDA: Better Description/ Retrieval of Online Scientific Data

Dear Colleagues,
there is an *opportunity to showcase your software* (prototype or
mature) to:
- enhance the authoring of comprehensive metadata using
community-endorsed standards
- to ensure the annotation of data with terms from standard ontologies
and terminologies, and
- to aid the identification and retrieval of relevant datasets for
exploration and re-analysis.
*BOF: Software for Better Description and Retrieval of Online
Scientific Data*

11 Jun 2015

Last chance to get a P6 breakout

Dear Bengt, Carole & Rob,
The deadline for RDA Plenary 6 breakout session (23-25 Sept 2015)
application is fast approaching. You have until 20th June 2015 to submit
your request for a meeting space in Paris -
Working & Interest groups as well as representatives from BoFs will be
invited to share their group updates and interact with RDA members on 23

28 Apr 2015

Fwd: [rda-biosharing-wg] Standards Information Resource (life sciences) - Invitation to contribute

To the ELIXIR IG members, kindly see below; feel free to distribute it
-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: [rda-biosharing-wg] Standards Information Resource (life
sciences) - Invitation to contribute
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 17:44:33 +0100
From: SAS <***@***.***>
To: The BioSharing Registry: connecting data policies, standards &
databases in life sciences <***@***.***-groups.org>
Dear WG members,
our proposed activity is still under review, but meanwhile the work has

19 Jan 2015

First Environment-related joint session for W&I Groups at the forthcoming P5

Dear chairs and members of the ELIXIR Bridging Force IG,

During the previous RDA plenaries it gradually became obvious that the environment-related Interest and Working Groups share concerns and face similar challenges regarding the lifecycle of Life data.