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Increasing the availability of research data for reuse is in part being driven by research data policies and the number of funders and journals and institutions with some form of research data policy is growing. The research data policy landscape of funders, institutions and publishers is however too complex (Ref: and the implementation and implications of policies for researchers can be unclear.  While around half of researchers share data, their primary motivations are often to carry out and publish good research, and to receive renewed funding, rather than making data available. Data policies that support publication of research need to be practical and seen in this context to be effective beyond specialist data communities and publications.


Use cases and user scenarios

The prevalence of research data policies from institutions and research funders (such as the UK research councils and European Commission) is increasing (Ref:, so publishers and editors are paying more attention to  standardisation and the wider adoption of data sharing policies. The International Committee of Medicial Journal Editors introduced a data sharing policy; Springer Nature is implementing a standardised research data policy framework with four standard data policy types, each with a defined set of requirements, and is encouraging adoption across all its journals (Ref: More than 1000 journals have adopted one of these policies as of June 2017.  This policy framework is available for reuse by others under a Creative Commons license but requires wider debate in the research and publishing communities. We envisage there to be common elements of research data policy shared between all stakeholders, such as support for data repositories and data citation.

Much of this work draws on earlier Jisc activity in examining the potential for a tabulation of publisher research data policies. Naughton and Kernohan (2016) (Ref: reported that the journal data policy landscape was not at the required maturity to be comparable or indexable in this way. Jisc is  therefore committed to working with publishers in supporting the standardisation of journal data policies, with an end goal of supporting machine readable policies that would be easier for researchers and research support staff to utilize in selecting a suitable journal for publication, ensuring compliance with journal and funder data requirements.


Objectives and Outcomes

  • Help define common frameworks for research data policy allowing for different levels of commitment and requirements and disciplinary differences that could be agreed by multiple stakeholders

  • Identify priority areas/stakeholders where policy frameworks can be defined e.g. beginning with journal/publisher policy, then considering funder policy

  • For these prioritised areas, stimulate creation of Working Groups to:

    • Produce guidance for researchers on complying with and implementing research data policy and the tools to support compliance

  • Facilitate greater understanding of the landscape of research data policies across disciplines, institutions and learned societies

  • Increase adoption of (standardised) research data policies by all stakeholders in particular journals and publishers

  • Connect stakeholders and broaden a collective understanding of their roles and relationships in data policy implementation

The report from the RDA P10 meeting is here:

The report from the RDA P9 meeting is here:

Minutes from first informal meeting of this group at RDA 8th Plenary are here:



While the focus of the policies developed by the Group would be on publishing research data, multiple stakeholders (publishers, institutions, repositories, societies, funders) will be included. Common elements of data policy likely exist for all these stakeholders and this will be explored.

The proposed group would complement the Practical Policy WG ( as this proposed group has a specific focus on journals and publishing with a goal of harmonising and standardising policy. These seem to be prerequisites to and would feed into efforts to create machine readable and actionable policies.

The proposed group would also complement efforts aimed at publishing and citing research data, as data policy of publications should help raise awareness of both these activities.



Co-chairs will have regular conference calls (every 1-2 months) and communicate updates to group members via the RDA group mailing list and using other RDA communication resources as needed e.g. group wiki, file repository. Group members will be invited to a group/community call that will take place every 2-3 months, after an initial meeting of the group at the RDA plenary - currently scheduled for April 2017.

We will use collaborative editing tools (Google Drive etc) to rapidly share outcomes of calls, key documents and to solicit feedback from group members.



The first 6-9 months will involve further discussions with members and stakeholders to prioritise the objectives and secure support for delivering them, which might require  the creation of sub-groups focused on specific tasks. We envisage our first priority to be the first listed objective, to “Help define a common framework for research data policy allowing for different levels of commitment and requirements and disciplinary differences that could be agreed by multiple stakeholders”, to support academic publishers and others in developing usable and practical research data policies. We will gather requirements in 2017 and present them to group members, by September 2017.

Our goal is to evolve from an Interest Group to a Working Group for publisher/journal policy by 2018, in coordination with RDA plenary meetings.



Iain Hrynaszkiewicz (, Springer Nature (group proposer)
Natasha Simons, ANDS
Simon Goudie, Wiley
TBC, Jisc

Recent Activity

19 Apr 2018

Report from RDA P11 Interest Group meeting

Dear Data Policy standardisation and implementation IG members,
On behalf of the co-chairs I'm pleased to share a report from our last meeting, at RDA P11 in Berlin:
The report includes links to the presentations and other relevant documents. The summary and next steps is also below.
We will be in contact in due course with the next version of the framework.
Kind regards

21 Mar 2018

Reminder and agenda for our IG meeting in Berlin tomorrow

Dear all,
A brief reminder that the next meeting of our Interest Group is tomorrow 22 March 2018:
IG Data Policy Standardisation and Implementation
11.00 - 12.30 (breakout 4) in Room A08
Meeting agenda
1. Brief overview of the group: objectives and progress to date (10 mins; Natasha Simons, ANDS)

16 Mar 2018

Notes from our community calls

Dear Data policy standardisation and implementation IG members,
Thanks to those who attended one of our community calls earlier this month. And thanks also to the many people who have commented on our draft journal and publisher policy framework.
I am sharing the notes from each of the community calls:
Notes from Call #1 - Asia Pacific time zones: 5am GMT (4pm AEDT) Friday 2nd March 2018

01 Mar 2018

Dial in details for community calls on 2 March 2018

Dear all,
Here is dial in/connection information for the community calls to be held on Friday 2nd March 2018:
Community Call #1 - Asia-Pacific region @ 4pm AEDT
Please click this URL to start or join.
Or, go to and enter meeting ID: 938 410 105
Join from a dial-in phone:
Dial: +61 3 99059666 (+61 3 9905 ZOOM) or +61 2 8015 2088
Toll-free dial: +61 18 0089 3423 (US/Canada only)

20 Feb 2018

Next community calls - March 2018

Dear Data policy standardisation and implementation IG members,
As indicated in our last email, here are details for our second community calls. We are planning to hold 2 calls to accommodate different time zones.
The main goal of these calls is to gather your feedback on the master journal and publisher policy framework draft. Feedback gathered will be summarised and presented at the RDA P11 meeting in Berlin on 22nd March 2018.

20 Feb 2018

Draft Journal and publisher research data policy master framework

Dear Data policy standardisation and implementation IG members,
We are pleased to share for your feedback our first output, a draft Journal and publisher research data policy master framework. Please see:
Instructions for reviewing the document are included. We will also arrange community calls to gather your feedback, before the next meeting of this group at the RDA P11 in Berlin.

11 Oct 2017

Report from RDA P10 IG meeting & welcome to new co-chairs

Dear Data Policy standardisation and implementation IG members,
We're pleased to share with you a report from our IG meeting in Montreal last week. Thanks to all the attendees in particular our speakers and those who helped make collaborative notes, upon which this report is based:
The summary and next steps are also included in this email.

03 Oct 2017

RE: [rda-data-policy-standardisation-ig] IG Data policy standardisation and implementation - RDA 10th...

Dear Caroline,
Thanks for your kind email. We had a well-attended and productive meeting and a report will be shared in due course. Meanwhile slides from the session are available here and the collaborative session notes are here:

14 Sep 2017

IG Data policy standardisation and implementation - RDA 10th Plenary meeting

Dear all,
I hope to see many of you at the RDA Plenary in Montreal next week and am sending information on our IG meeting:
The meeting is in the first breakout session, 11.30 - 13.00 on Tuesday 19th September, in room Cartier 1.
Meeting objectives:
1. Present the findings of the community calls that gathered requirements for journal/publisher policies