3rd Plenary - Data in Context IG - Session Report

Two Data in Context (DiC) IG sessions at the 3rd plenary in Dublin were co-chaired by Brigitte Jörg (JeiBee Ltd., euroCRIS) and Keith Jeffery (Keith G Jeffery Consultants). The DiC group had been formally endorsed by the RDA TAB beforehand. The initial idea had been presented and discussed at the first Gothenburg plenary with much positive feedback and is now formally set up within the framework of a "Data in Context" interest group to develop the scope for the setup of a RDA working group from month twelve. 
During the plenary a lot of tangential activities with ongoing groups have been identified indicating first possible actions - the very details need further investigation. The following activities were presented and discussed in Dublin (see 3rd plenary session agendas from where also slides are available): 
1) Data Publishing Workflows WG - DCC Data Profiles (Angus Whyte) 
2) Data Description Registry Interoperability WG (Amir Aryani)
3) Long-tail Data IG, Data Publishing IG (Jochen Schirrwagen)
4) WDS Knowledge Network activity (Wim Hugo) 
5) Experimental Context, Publishing and Research Objects (Brian Matthews)
6) Reference Model Proposal (Yin Chen)
7) Semantic Interoperability BoF / Data Foundation and Terminology (Gary Berg-Cross) 
8) Metadata WGs (Keith Jeffery, Rebecca Koskela)
Additional connections have been identified with the RDA Provenance WG and a just about to be setup W3C Application Profiles group. These will thus be contacted and added to the list within the public webspace. Beyond the presentations there was room for contextual discussions about the proposed lifecycle models assignment approach and the deliverables to which participating members agreed, and which were reported back in the final reporting session: 
- M6: Overview of Contextually-aware Standardization Work
- M12: Priority List of Requirements 
The development of a use-case collection template has been discussed and will be finalized soon for shared usage across the metadata groups. We collected very valuable feedback towards guidance of our agenda; i.e. our deliverables during the two Dublin sessions. The group agreed that very next steps need to be taken with preparing a meeting schedule in between plenaries aligning related activities to the best possible extend.
We wish to thank Alessia Bardi (CNR), Early Career Researcher Programme recipient for taking notes and processing them very in a blog post. Furthermore, we are very thankful about the valuable contributions and presentations as well as about the number of participation during the sessions.
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