WELDD Webinar: Ethical and Legal considerations operating drones in the European Union

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04 Mar 2020
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Hi All,


If you use drones for data collection or are interested in the intersection between privacy, ethics, and regulations, join us to hear an overview of EU regulations and privacy laws as they relate to drone use.


Many researchers are now using drones as tools for data collection. As this field has matured, researchers, funders, and institutions are wrestling with what formalising their operation entails. Challenges range from regulatory and engineering tasks through ethical, procedural, and cyberinfrastructure considerations.


The sUAS data IG is a forum for engagement of all of these topics, particularly as they relate to data resources. WELDD is the first WG to be spun up from the IG and will be focusing on how data ethics and legal requirements impact drone data collection.

For more information, go to https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/working-group-ethical-and-legal-best-practices-drone-data-global-research-context-weldd.


Webinar Link: https://notredame.zoom.us/j/792557582


Wednesday 11 March

9am UTC

10am CET

5pm AWST

8pm AEDT