30 Jul 2020

Dear all,

The purpose of this email is to update you on work in progress, and we invite you to collaborate and provide feedback whenever possible.

    1. Since the submission of our Case Statement in late May we have received community feedback and a throughout revision from the RDA TAB. We have now addressed all the comments and resubmitted the Case Statement. FAIR4RS Case Statement Revision.
    2. Four subgroups have started activities, in early July, and will continue working until the end of September. Short descriptions and to join subgroups, contact chairs.
    3. The FAIR4RS steering committee is working tirelessly on driving activities for the community, and we invite you to take part when possible. It is our commitment to be transparent and hence we have made available the following documents:
      1. Our monthly meeting minutes
      2. A continuously updated list of community engagement and outreach activities
    4. During the Virtual Plenary 16, we are planning two sessions:
      1. FAIR4RS working group update on work done, mainly on the subgroup activities and outcomes.
      2. A BoF coordinated with the larger community, to define the roadmap for Research Software, will discuss the topic and a longer time line than the activities of this group.

We welcome your questions and comments on any of the topics. Thanks for your time, and we hope you subgroups activities are keeping you engaged and working well.


All the best,