Organisational and Process Plan

This Organisational and Process Plan document provides an outline of and access to descriptions of important RDA processes and relevant policies and other documents. It is an evolving hub of information on how RDA works. The Secretariat maintains and disseminates the plan, the OAB advises on its development, and Council periodially reviews and evaluates the document. 

Bridget Walker is the primary person in the Secretariat responsible for maintaining this document.

List of documents and their status

Document Status Governance Responsible Document owner
RDA Governance Document Approved by Council June 2015, published in b2share. Revised (V2.3) and approved by Council July 2018, now in Zenodo. Revised V2.8 (Nov 2020). Council Hilary

Articles of Association for RDA Foundation

Published   RDA Foundation Board of Directors / Trustees Hilary
Council Nominations Committee Terms of Reference

Updated Dec 2022 following Council's approval in July 2022

Council Hilary
Selection of Council Co-Chairs Discussed and agreed by Council on 24 May 2016. Juan Bicarregui tabled a new document at P9, updated before the Council meeting in July 2017 Council Hilary
RDA TAB Responsibilities and Processes Document

V2.0 published in Zenodo 17 July 2018 by Stefanie

TAB Hilary
Organisational Membership Process Document Current version in Zenodo.


RDA Regional Partnership Processes Document Version 2.1. in Zenodo  RAB Bridget
Internal Secretariat Processes

Account information

GoTo Meeting

Twitter, gmail, etc

Yolanda to check and add more accounts if needed Secretariat Bridget
Moderating new users   Secretariat Meghan
Responding to enquiries process Outdated, needs revision Secretariat Meghan
How to create Drupal Organic Groups OK Secretariat Bridget
RDA Group Creation and Review Process Written by Lynn Secretariat Bridget
Explanation of Group Details page fields & how to fill them   Secretariat Bridget
How to add and remove Chairs Created by Luigi. Needs to be tested. Secretariat Bridget

RDA Group Metadata Maintenance Checks

Google ddoc written by Lynn Secretariat Bridget
How to send a newsletter or announcement OK Secretariat Yolanda
How to publish a document in the RDA repository including DOIs  Revised by Stefanie, 25 Oct 2016. Secretariat Bridget
Description of the Repository Curation Policy

Describes the two Zenodo collections and what documents should be published in each.

OK as discussed in Secretariat meeting March (?) 2018

Secretariat Bridget
List of DOIs and their corresponding records Ongoing Secretariat Bridget
Outputs Process Page Revised by Stefanie, 10 Mar 2017. Secretariat Bridget
Outputs Tracking Spreadsheet Ongoing, tracks where we are at with RDA Outputs (Recommendations and Supporting Outputs) Secretariat Bridget
Closing out groups Published 23 Feb 2021 in consultation with Bridget Secretariat Bridget
Historical groups and whether they should appear in "RDA in a Nutshell" Draft version in progress Secretariat Bridget
Annual Financial Reports Working draft managed by the Council Finance Subcommittee Council Finance Subcommittee Hilary
RDA Foundation Fiscal Polices and Processes Working draft managed by the Council Finance Subcommittee Council Finance Subcommittee Hilary
Individual Membership revocation and appeal mechanisms.  Need to be described Secretariat Hilary
Organisational Membership revocation and appeal mechanisms. Need to be described Secretariat Bridget
Code of Conduct Written by Amy and Andrew. Policy document accepted by Council at P11. Council Hilary
Organizational Member application OK link to form and put formal document in B2Share Secretariat Bridget
MoUs Hilary to discuss with affiliates whether to open these Secretariat Hilary
Organisational Member Tracking Process   Secretariat Bridget
Reviews and Endorsements
WG and IG approval process OK? Secretariat Bridget
Working Groups - Options after WG finishes OK? Secretariat Bridget
WG Stage 2 approval process OK? Secretariat Bridget
Encouraging Adoption and Maintenance of RDA Recommendations Basis for WG Options after group finishes and WG Stage 2 approval process documents TAB Bridget

Endorsement of Recommendations. Includes process diagram for Council.

Paper was submitted to Council and tentatively accepted; process needs to be tested - see also below. Council Hilary
OAB commentary processs for RDA Recommendations Draft written by Fotis in November 2016 OAB Bridget
Review process for Supporting Outputs OK. Written by Stefanie, November 2016, based on Secretariat Stefanie
Document publication policy

Updated by Stefanie, sent out for comments 29 Nov 2016. DOI (10.15497/59B658F1-EEF5-49CF-BAFF-D4341C8CE0AC) needs to be re-pointed and document to be published in Zenodo when finalized.

Old version at

Secretariat Bridget
Endorsement and Logo Usage Guidelines Needs some minor revision based on graphics document Secretariat Hilary
RDA Outputs and Intellectual Property Policy Needs revision to reflect current output approval process and clarification of what a Recommendation is. May also need to be revised based on outputs sustainability. Secretariat Hilary
Process and Criteria for RDA Recommendations Needs revision - process has changed. May need be retired or merged with endorsement process above Secretariat Hilary
Norms for contributing to and using RDA products Needs revision (also linking to RDA Outputs and Intellectual Property Policy and Process and Criteria for RDA Recommendations that in turn need to be revised). Secretariat Hilary
Sustainability of outputs Needs to be described   Hilary (with TAB, OAB, Council)

Common Voting Process for RDA-Wide Elections

Current and approved Secretariat Hilary

Council Election Process 2023

Updated Dec 2022 folowing Council decision July 2022 Secretariat Hilary
RDA TAB Elections Process Document See above under governance. Secretariat Hilary
OAB elections Draft to be updated in document above Secretariat Bridget
Past TAB Elections   Secretariat Bridget
Past Council Elections   Secretariat Bridget
Past OAB Elections   Secretariat Bridget
Plenary guidelines

DOI minted. Landing page created on RDA Web site that DOI points to. Latest version attached to page. 

This is for external bidders. Needs to be updated after each plenary. 

Secretariat Hilary
How to deal with BoFs Sort-of written as part of   Bridget
Internal Plenary planning processes To be documented   Bridget
Plenary scheduling process Developed by task force led by Rainer after P6   Bridget
Plenary session request templates Developed by task force led by Rainer after P6   Bridget
How to update RDA EU / US / AU newsletter members   Secretariat Yolanda
Public Secretariat Page to be updated to link to this and other documents and profiles, etc. Secretariat Yolanda


For the old version of the Organisational and Process Plan Document, see here: