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FAIR Research Software

In preparation for P15, we collected FAIR Research Software material on this deidcated page.


The session was prepared by SSC iG participants and the authors of:

Lamprecht, A.-L., Garcia, L., Kuzak, M., Martinez, C., Arcila, R., Pico, E.M.D., Angel, V.D.D., Sandt, S. van de, Ison, J., Martinez, P.A., McQuilton, P., Valencia, A., Harrow, J., Psomopoulos, F., Gelpi, J.L., Hong, N.C., Goble, C., Capella-Gutierrez, S., Groth, P., 2019. Towards FAIR principles for research software. Data Science. https://doi.org/10.3233/DS-190026


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Related papers:


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The references and links below were collected for the Software Source Code IG P13 session on FAIR Software Source Code: