Report on Higher Education and Research Forges: now available in english

19 Sep 2023

Dear all,
we are delighted to announce the immediate availability of the english
translation of the report on software forges in higher education and
research from the
national committee for open science in France.
This report consolidates almost two years of work, involving a large number
of stakeholders, including representatives from well known open source
foundations, and was originally published in french before the summer.
Considering its far reaching scope, and the broad applicability of the
lessons learned, an english version was produced to help disseminate its
content, for the benefit of all the communities.
You can access the report at:
Here is a short summary:
Software forges, initiated with the launch of SourceForge in 1999, are
essential tools for software developers, offering collaborative development
and distribution tools. They also serve as social networks for developers.
When choosing a forge, developers consider the target audience and network.
For Higher Education and Research developers in France, identity
federations like RENATER and eduGAIN support collaborations. Developers can
choose between open-source community forges and commercial forges, such as
GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab. Some forges can be self-hosted by
institutions. The report mentions 40 such forges, with GitLab being
dominant due to its ease of installation and functionality. The choice of
forge is crucial, as some commercial forges can suddenly shut down, like
Google Code. Self-hosted forges can mitigate this risk, but there's a
concern if the selected solution stops being maintained or changes its
open-source status. The report emphasizes the importance of having a
specific Higher Education and Research forge, provides an overview of the
current forges and practices in Higher Education and Research in France,
and identifies the key issues at stake.
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