Archiving source code in a click! Announcing the updateswh browser extension

06 Sep 2022

*TL;DR:* it's really all in the image below, you can now
archive/update/check source code repositories in just one click (go here
to learn more)
[image: image.png]
*Easing archival, updating and referencing software source code*
Archiving software source code, with all its development history, is
essential in order to preserve its access over time. We have provided
for years the Save Code Now
feature that
allows users to add or instantly update a single repository in the Software
Heritage archive. This requires some juggling with the browser: one needs
to find the proper URL of the repository for requesting its archival, copy
it, paste it in the appropriate form
and click on the “Submit”
button. And maybe the repository didn’t change since the last update, so
you are doing all this for nothing.
Getting the SWHID for an archived repository
requires some gymnastics: one needs to search for the archived version
using the URL of the repository, then sift through the potentially many
other repositories that share the same prefix, and finally click on the
good one.
This was the past. Today the Updateswh browser extension
, now available for
Chrome and Firefox, makes all these tasks as simple as clicking on a button
that pops up on your web page when you visit a repository on one of the
many popular code hosting platforms.
All the information is on to the dedicated browser extension page
Let's share the news.
P.S.: source code is at It's open
source, and there is a detailed contributing guide if you want to add
support for your preferred forge technology.
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