Breaking news: Software and Software Heritage in the new National Plan for Open Science in France

07 Jul 2021

Dear all,
I am delighted to share a great breaking news: yesterday afternoon the
French Ministry of Research unveiled the second multi-annual National Plan
for Open Science in France, that squarely puts software on a par with
publications and data in research and Open Science, and announces a number
of measures designed to open research software and better recognize
software development in research.
The official document is available online from the website of the French
Ministry of Research

Since this is currently only available in French (an English version will
be available in the next days/weeks from the Ministry of Resarch dedicated
here are some highlights of the measures that you might find the most
- a clear recommendation to make research software available under an
open source licence, unless there are clear strong reasons not to do so
- the creation of a high level expert group dedicated to research
software in the National Committee for Open Science, that will be in touch
with you soon
- the objective to achieve better recognition of software development in
career evaluation for researchers and engineers
- a renewed and strengthened official support of Software Heritage, with
a recommendation to archive in it *all research software produced in
France*, which reminds me to attract your attention to the updated,
actionable instructions now available at (for
french researchers, an updated and streamlined metadata deposit workflow
with HAL is coming soon)
To the best of my knowledge, it is the first time that such an organic,
clearly designed strategy for (open source) software in research is laid
out in an official government document: I hope this may serve as a
reference for similar initiatives in other countries.
All the best
Computer Science Professor
(on leave at Inria from IRIF/Université de Paris)
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