[SDDI-IG] Session at RDA P14 in Helsinki and the revised draft of the charter

27 Aug 2019

Hi all,
As you would have seen from the email below, we have been successful in
obtaining a session time at the RDA P14. The session is scheduled on the
morning of the 25th October.
The proposed agenda for the meeting is,
1. Presentation - Effective ways of addressing social dynamics to
achieve results across organizations - Greg Madden (20min)
2. Confessions from the chronicles of social Social dynamics (20min)
Short presentations on the success & failures of data interoperability
from a social dynamics perspective.
3. What constitutes organisational interoperability? (30min)
Discussion on what does it mean to have orgnisational interoperability.
What does it look like? What are the observable elements that exists to
understand the level of interoperability that can be achieved by
4. Topics for future sessions (20min)
We've got Greg presenting the 1st item and leading the discussion for the
4th, however we are still in need of a few presenters for agenda items 2 &
3. Could we get some volunteers who would be willing to talk about their
experiences and thoughts for these items? It would be useful to have about
2 people talking for each of them before having an open discussion with the
Also, Greg & I have incorporated the feedback we received about the draft
charter. The updated charter can be found here
Could I kindly ask for you to review and provide any further feedback by
Friday, 6th September. I will incorporate any further feedback and then
forward it on to RDA for consideration.
Kind regards
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From: l.colucci <***@***.***-itservices.com>
Date: Fri, Aug 23, 2019 at 8:03 PM
Subject: [rda-social-dynamics-data-interoperability] RDA 14th plenary -
Notification of acceptance for plenary sessions
To: Social Dynamics of Data Interoperability IG <
Dear Interest Group members,
Congratulations! Your session application –
Social Dynamics of Data Interoperability: Open Session –
has been approved. Please consider this your official notification of
Your session is scheduled to take place during Breakout 6, on Day 3 of the
Plenary. You can view your session in the online programme at
https://www.rd-alliance.org/rda-14th-plenary-programme. Your session links
to your specific meeting web page, which includes the information you
provided at the time of your meeting submission. It will also include
your meeting location and remote access information when that information
becomes available. Please be sure to keep this page up to date with any
changes to your agenda and meeting plans (note, only the chair who
submitted the session proposal will have access to edit this page).
We look forward to seeing you in Helsinki!
RDA Secretariat
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