EOSC Interoperability Framework consultation

14 Mar 2022


We wish to invite you to take part in a consultation on the EOSC Interoperability Framework. A draft proposal has been developed by the EOSC Future project and made available for the community to comment on. This builds on the previous work conducted by the EOSC Executive Board and focuses on implementation by specifying a governance process for accepting and using interoperability guidelines. 

Enabling interoperability across resources and services is key in building an EOSC that is fit for purpose. Many existing standards, schemas and APIs are already in use, and in the federated model, we propose to endorse these for adoption in EOSC where possible. We will do so using a defined governance model that allows community standards to be proposed as EOSC Interoperability Guidelines. It is therefore important to gain feedback from research communities and infrastructures to validate that the processes we propose for this are appropriate. 

A webinar will be held on 25th March at 2pm CET in which the proposal will be outlined. This will provide an overview to support your review of the document and allow you to ask questions for clarification and engage in discussion. You can register at: https://eoscfuture.eu/eventsfuture/eosc-interoperability-framework-consultation  

Following the webinar, you will be invited to respond to a short online survey. This aims to understand the extent to which you agree with the concepts, definitions and governance process proposed. 

It is critical that respondents to the survey have a good understanding of the approaches being proposed so we strongly encourage you to attend the webinar and review the document before replying to the survey 

We look forward to receiving your inputs 

All best 

Sarah Jones 

On behalf of the EOSC Future consortium