2017-11-08 RDRIWG Virtual Meeting



  1. Summary from last time
  2. Update on Todo’s and Discussion
  3. Next steps




[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/13BBJ_G-eprhRadIwtDm-GY1duwP7SkrAf8aAvxF4jl0/edit?usp=sharing

[2] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VmmhNMl4ie5zqbCKkf3NDNRHtgdb2SgYF_cEn58zt7g/edit?usp=sharing

[3] https://docs.google.com/document/d/155lA2BcixTl-zwJHGfLkxsmg7WmQbBK00QWyP8QggkE/edit


Topic 1

  • DataCrate has similar goals
  • Spec available at GitHub
  • Focus on machine AND human readability
  • Uses schema.org and RDF-based content description in CATALOG.html|json files
  • Pro
    • Allows more detailed description of bag content
    • Provides human readability
    • Suggests to provide also DataCite metadata if CATALOG files contain enough information
  • Con
    • Early version, expected to evolve frequently but our WG will end soon
    • Defines its own BagIt profile, which is mandatory to support in compatible bags (conflicts with our plan to support custom BagIt profiles)
    • Metadata mapping from platform models to schema.org needed
    • Platform support not available, effort for creating CATALOG files might be higher than providing DataCite metadata
  • Todo: Contact Peter Sefton about potential collaboration (Thomas)
  • Todo: Contact DataConservancy people to check for potential collaboration (David)
  • Todo: Create GitHub page (Thomas)


Topic 2

  • Mailed to Peter
    • Positive response
    • Latest talk about DataCrate can be found here
    • General agreement that aligning our work makes sense
    • Peter would accept placing CATALOG.* e.g. in ‘metadata’ folder
    • Opened ticket at GitHub regarding support of multiple profiles by BagIt profiles
  • Solution for complexity/metadata mapping issue might be to recommend DataCite metadata and provide tools/instructions on how to create CATALOG files from it (should be possible automatically)
  • Solution for profile issue could be just to use the DataCrate profile if one wants a bag fully compatible with DataCrate and include datacite.xml as recommended by our WG
  • David contacted Aaron Birkland with regard to DataConservancy. No response, yet
  • GitHub Organization RDAResearchDataRepositoryInteropWG created
  •  Internal structure/projects needed
  • Start with:
    • Sample (contains example bag from recommendations)
    • Profiles (contains profiles, organization has to be defined)
    • Other projects, e.g. initial adoptions?
  • Next steps
    • Reduce meeting frequency after next call, start adoption as planned for P11
    • Communication directly or via mailing list


Topic 3

  • Next meeting at 29 November, 2 pm UTC