2017-10-25 RDRIWG Virtual Meeting



  1. Summary from last time
  2. Discussion (DataCrate)
  3. Next steps




[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/13BBJ_G-eprhRadIwtDm-GY1duwP7SkrAf8aAvxF4jl0/edit?usp=sharing

[2] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VmmhNMl4ie5zqbCKkf3NDNRHtgdb2SgYF_cEn58zt7g/edit?usp=sharing

[3] https://docs.google.com/document/d/155lA2BcixTl-zwJHGfLkxsmg7WmQbBK00QWyP8QggkE/edit


Topic 1

  • No public registry for BagIt profiles
    • Use GitHub for the moment, reach out for sustainable solution
  • No registry for platform identifiers
    • Re3Data may come up with something in future, but currently only recommendations document might be a place to put this information
    • Keep sustainability in mind
  • Review DataCrate as related work


Topic 2

  • Spec available at https://github.com/UTS-eResearch/datacrate/blob/develop/spec/0.1/data_cr...
  • Similar goals
    • Primary information stored as LD
    • Human and machine readable (RDFa, JSON LD)
    • Following schema.org vocabulary
  • Allows to describe payload
  • Smaller set of mandatory elements (creation date, contact and description) than DataCite
  • Might have datacite MD if sufficient information available
  • Current version 0.1 -> probability of changes high
  • Providing content could be complex, for legacy platforms hard to obtain linked resources
  • Mapping to schema.org vocabulary needed
  • Possible integration: Stay with datacite as base requirement, create DataCrate metadata files CATALOG.HTML/JSON with datacite content
  • TODO: Talk to Peter (Thomas)
    • Possibility to place metadata files not only in root of bag (e.g. datacite.xml)
    • How to fulfill DataCrate BagIt profile?
  • TODO: Similar effort from DataConservancy, establish contact (David)
  • How to deal with complex RDF graphs? Split into different ttl files and put into META-INF?
    • Further discussion needed
  • TODO: Setup GitHub project (Thomas)


Topic 3

Next meeting at 08 November, 2 pm UTC