2017-07-19 RDRIWG Virtual Meeting


  1. Summary from last time
  2. Discussion
  3. Next steps


[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/13BBJ_G-eprhRadIwtDm-GY1duwP7SkrAf8aAvxF4jl0/edit?usp=sharing

[2] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VmmhNMl4ie5zqbCKkf3NDNRHtgdb2SgYF_cEn58zt7g/edit?usp=sharing

[3] https://docs.google.com/document/d/155lA2BcixTl-zwJHGfLkxsmg7WmQbBK00QWyP8QggkE/edit


Topic 1

  • Aim for adoptable recommendation
  • Start document for next deliverable (done)
  • Created slack team for direct communication (done)
  • Send around collection of data packaging formats for content exchange (done)


Topic 2

  • Do we have preservation systems in mind, e.g. ApTrust (institutional preservation systems)?
  • Dat projects/IPFS
    • Lack of packaging description
    • Maybe extend use cases?
    • Existing use cases are challenging enough for this WG, maybe in follow up group
  • BagIt usable for syntactic interoperability
  • ORE + BagIt = next level to introduce semantics
  • Invite DataOne or Research Objects people to group meetings?
  • BagIt and Datacite quite common and might be applicable to legacy platforms, so what about recommending:   
    • Generic bag + Datacite as minimum requirement (à positive feedback in round)
    • Define extension points for special needs, e.g. ORE
  • TODO: Check existing packaging formats from list for applicability
  • TODO: Put ideas about format description to the recommendations document 
  • TODO: Try to invite adopters of packaging formats for information exchange


Topic 3

  • Next meeting at 2 August 2017