2016-11-23 RDRIWG Virtual Meeting


  1. Introduction
  2. Presentation of the current draft of the primer document available at [1]
  3. Collection of technologies/standards/initiatives to investigate
  4. Summary/Next Steps


[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K2Qzp3I3xhn_YXU-t_UoHaTsjHIs4aVUSSw4e3UahDo/edit?usp=sharing

Topic 1

  • P8 report
    • Successful kick-off session
    • Talks about refresh of SWORD protocol, Fedora community effort on import/export via BagIt, results of COAR initiative in terms of repository interoperability
    • Collected additional adopter platforms and contacts

Topic 2

  • Two main Goals:
    • Concretize use cases, requirements and possible solution approaches (interface, service, tool, exchange format?)
    • Collection of state of the art of (research) repository interoperability
  • Consider other initiatives, RDA WGs and consortia, not only technologies/standards

Topic 3

  • Dariah collection registry
    • Currently OAI-PMH support, not fully clarified how to handle information from other collection registries (copy obtained content into Dariah collection registry?)
    • Add Dariah Repository to list of potential adopters in WG Wiki (Done)
  • ICAT metadata catalogue as potential adopter platform
    • New OAI-PMH support in order to be OpenAire compliant
  • Suggestion: Add additional categories to state of the art entries
    • Description: full text paragraph or relevance for group etc.
    • Type: type of the state of the art candidate, e.g. data model, specification, tool (Co-Chairs: check if there is a vocabulary for possible types in other RDA groups)
  • Suggestion: Add adopting platforms and supported interoperability feature matrix
    • Add list of adopter platforms at the end
    • Create matrix mapping platform to already supported state of the art technologies/standards
    • Goal: Identify common standards we can base our work on
  • Working plan/responsibilities
    • David Wilcox: Fedora Import/Export via BagIt, Portland Common Data Mode, Linked Data Platform
    • Thomas Jejkal: OAI-PMH, METS
    • Stefan E. Funk: Dariah Storage API
    • (Dom Fripp: SWORD)
  • Add initiatives dealing with interoperability, e.g. OpenAire, and describe their approach

Topic 4

  • Collect minutes and send to list (Co-Chairs)
  • Continue with primer document (Group)
    • Feel free to contribute by adding more technologies, initiatives, standards
    • Please login to edit if there are further questions
  • Contact platform technology contacts as soon as the state of the art list is ‘complete’ to fill out the feature matrix (Co-Chairs + technology contacts)
  • Prepare session proposal for P9 until January 10, 2017
    • Presentation of (final) primer document
  • The next virtual meeting will take place in January 2017