Research Data Repository Survey from Samvera

19 Sep 2022


Samvera Partners are looking for input from the community to help us understand different organizational research data repository application needs.


Your responses will help the Samvera community better understand community needs and help us direct resources to improve Hyrax and Hyku software products.This is a short survey, participants can expect the survey to take less than ten minutes. The survey questions are intentionally left open-ended because we want you to have the opportunity to provide information that is specific to your organization’s unique needs. We encourage you to be succinct, while also providing as much information as you think is relevant to help us better understand your organization’s needs.


Thank you for taking the time to respond to the survey,


Johannes Frenzel, Ruhr Universität Bochum
Hannah Frost, Stanford University
Madina Grace, Duke University
Nabeela Jaffer, University of Michigan
Jim Halliday, Indiana University
Cara Key, Oregon State University
Sherry Lake, University of Virginia
Kate Lynch, Princeton University
Brain McBride, University of Utah