Meeting Notes: 28 October 2015 Web Conference


Bridget Almas, Simon Cox, David Dubin, Paolo Missier, Soren Scott, Mingfang Wu

Discussion Topics:

  • CSIRO Paper/Webinar: Bridget asked Simon if he and his CSIRO colleagues would be interested and willing to do a webinar for the group on the CSIRO provenance work. Simon will check on dates and interest and propose a date and topic.
  • Discussed whether we should revisit the current charter of the group and its approach to serving in a consulting role to other RDA groups.
    • The work we have been doing in this area has been well received and seems to be useful, but lack of engagement from group members other than the chairs is worriesome.
    • All felt that continuing to  look at specific applications of general standards like the W3C Prov and addressing the topic of how abstract provenance models can/should be made concrete for domain-specific needs would be a reasonable sub focus and a good way of giving the group some focused direction.
    • Paolo suggested that we start to keep a catalog of provenance implementations and models as a concrete objective. 
    • We have a starting set of data for such a catalog from the work we have done to date, including the the P6 IVOA presentation and the P5 joint work with the Reproducibility group. But it needs to be made more accessible.
    • We could then issue a call to RDA membership to for additional contributions to the catalog.
  • Dave posted the link to the RDAProvIG GitHub Repository.
  • Discussed the possibility of Paolo coming on as a 3rd co-chair. No firm decisions on this.