Workshop Notes from Australian Research Data Provenance Interest Group

24 Nov 2014
Groups audience: 

Dear All,
In late October, Australian National Data Service (ANDS) facilitated a half-day workshop on data provenance. The workshop had about 28 attendees: some of them are from national data providers such as Geoscience Australian and Bureau of Meteorology; some from national collaborative research infrastructure capabilities such as National Computational Infrastructure, Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network, and Integrated Marine Observing System; some from national research organisations such as CSIRO.
The workshop aimed to:
1) bring together data provenance practitioners, developers and researchers to increase our awareness of work currently being done on data provenance around and beyond Australia;
2) foster a data provenance forum or community within Australia; and
3) coordinate contributions to international data provenance activities such as RD-A Data Provenance interests group if possible.
Before the workshop, Attendees were asked to submit their use cases through this provenance use case capture tool ; representative use cases were discussed during the workshop in order to identify common themes and areas for future work. Attendees were also invited to nominate and discuss real challenges they were facing in the process of capturing, storing and disseminating provenance data.
The workshop began with Mark Parsons’s (from RD-A) presentation: Provenance, Context, and Data Sharing and Andrew Treloar’s (from ANDS) Why ANDS (should) care about provenance. Nicholas Car (from CSIRO) moderated the discussion of use cases. Much of the discussion focussed on use case ID 3. Andrew Treloar summarised the discussion into four topics: Create, Use, Publish and Adopt. Four sub-groups were then formed to discuss each topic further with a number of trigger questions assigned to each group. The workshop notes have recorded the discussions of each topic.
Next step for us is to review workshop notes and identify suitable topics arising from this workshop for further consideration at our monthly meetings in 2015.
Dr. Mingfang Wu
Senior Business Analyst
Australian National Data Service