Summary of P3 Activity

01 Apr 2014
Groups audience: 

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting of the Research Data
Provenance Interest Group at the RDA Plenary in Dublin last week.
I've uploaded the slides from the session to the group folder on the RDA
Website ( - click on the Research Data
Provenance folder).
For those of you who weren't able to attend, the 1 minute summary of the
session is as follows:
* Reviewed focus and goals of the IG
* Presented a logical framework for provenance data (BRM and SAM) and
an example usage of complementary models (SAM/OA/PROV)
* Identified the following areas of interest of the attendees:
o at-risk/non-digital data
o combining authoritative and non-authoritative data
o implications on/for IT architecture
o assessing quality of data
o versioning/identifiers (not only data but data production
o impact on policy makers
o data integrity and trust
* Identified the following areas of WG/IG overlap or complementary
o Metadata
o Data in Context
o Heritage Data
o Brokering
o PIDs
o Preservation
The discussion centered around use cases and ideas for spawning a
Working Group to develop framework for identifying provenance models to
apply to specific use cases. The overall consensus was that more work
identifying use cases is probably needed first, although it's also
possible that having a framework would facilitate the development of use
Going forward, group activity between plenaries will continue to focus
on identifying use cases and areas of WG/IG overlap and synergy. We
would like to take a multi-pronged approach - focusing on some discrete
solutions while exploring the deeper answers to the really hard problems
listed above.
A reminder also that, thanks to my co-chair Dave Dubin, we have an
emerging group bibliography available on Zotero at This is a great resource for
getting started with questions about data provenance.
I will try to schedule a follow up web conference for sometime in May so
that we can continue to move forward with the activities discussed above.
Bridget (and on-behalf of my co-chairs Dave and Sayeed)