RDARI IG VC 5.6.2018

RDARI IG VC 5.6.2018

Minutes of the meeting (draft)

1. Participants

Stephan Hachinger
Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn
Tobias Weber
James Wilson
Ville Tenhunen

2. A new version of the IG charter

TAB comments:

The new version is here:

The group discussed about following issues:
- Knowledge base for the best practises and lessons learned log could be for example wiki-based solution where is common structure or templates for the information collected from the community and openly shared with the community
- Governance survey (mentioned also below) is one possible outcome from the group but it could be a part of knowledge base
- RDARI IG relationship with the Data Frabric IG is important but there is different roles for these two groups; DFIG's goal is to identify common components and define their characteristics and services in general level and RDARI IG discuss about real life projects, architectures and technological solutions in the research institutions like universities. Difference is rather clear but IGs have something common.

- IG decide that we should organize joint VC meeting with the DFIG before RDA P12 to discuss about different approaches and possibilities to cooperate in the future. Ville will contact DFIG as soon as possible
- IG decide to circulate IG charter drat at the last time within the group and deadline of the comments are 15th June. If there is not any amendments to the draft, IG will send the current versio to the TAB and RDA seretariat for the next steps. If there is some proposals IG will discuss about these in the next VC before end of the June

3. Discussion about research data governance survey

About survey, Ville has have shortly discussed about this survey with the BencHEIT taskforce (http://www.eunis.org/task-forces/benchmarking/) chairman. They have made something like this earlier.

Naturally, BenchEIT is pretty much different case than this which we have discussed, but he was somehow interested in our case. They are starting next round of their survey on next autumn and there might be kind of possibilities to cooperation.

The group discussed about following issues:
- Desingning of the survey: Demand driven approach is important and it is important to ask people what kind of questions they like to ask
- It is important to discuss properly about governance survey before Gaborone where the group can make decisions about the survey
- Tobias promised to prepare the draft of the roadmap for the survey execution within next weeks

4. Discussion about 12th RDA Plenary session

Next RDA plenary will be held on 5-8 November 2018 in Gaborone, Botswana
Plenary is the part of the International Data Week 2018.

RDA P12: Submission Dates

- Call for Sessions Open: 14 May 2018
- Call for Sessions Close: 29 June 2018
- Notification of Session Acceptance: 7 August 2018
- Final RDA Breakout Session Program Published: 9 August 2018

The group decided to prepare the application for session in the P12 at Gaborone.

First draft of the agenda for the Gaborone session:

- Short recap for the idea behind the RDARI IG
- Case presentations and lightning talks
- Governance survey discussion
- Future trends (moved from the P11 session to this session)
- RDARI IG administrative issues (situation with the IG endorsement and charter etc.)

Tobias promised to ask if the universites in Munich can prepare the case preseantation. Ville will ask the group if there is some people who like to give a (10-20 minutes) presentation of the project, architecture or the solutions in the research institution.

5. AOB

Group decided to have a next VC before the end of the June. Ville will circulate the Doodle as soon as possible.