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13 Aug 2019

Dear Ville and dear all,
on Friday I'm going to have a meeting at 9.30 so I will join the call roughly 30 min later.
Thanks and best regards,
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Hi all,
Hopefully your summer has gone well and sun has shined properly.
Couple of RDA things:
#1 Next RDARI meeting
Based on Doodle mentioned below, next web meeting of the RDA Research
Data Architectures in Research Institutions IG (or shortly RDARI) will
take place on Friday 30 August 8:00 (UTC). Here is some local times:
How to join the meeting:
- Connect over video
Join with your web browser (Chrome, IE11):
Other ways to call:
- Call in by phone
Finland: +358 8 41541375 extension 2001178218
Additional numbers:
- Third-Party Room System
Call the IP address:
Enter this extension: 2001178218
Or call direct: ***@***.***
Short agenda for the meeting:
1. RDARI survey
- James has worked hard with this issue and we will have exciting autumn
with this
2. Prepairing the next RDA plenary
- session situation
- session programme
#2 Next RDA plenary
RDA Plenary 14 are underway. Plenary itself will take place 23-25
October 2019, but there will be number of different co-located events on
20-22 October. These will be published on the RDA web pages quite soon.
In Finland we call this week as a "research data superweek". Please
Additionally there will be very interesting co-located events:
(Remember to make your hotel bookings 17.8.2019 at the latest. The first
50% of the allotment will expire after that. The last part of the
unbooked rooms will expire 6.9.2019.)
#3 RDARI in the plenary
Unfortunately I have not received yet information about our session
application, but hopefully we will hear news from TAB (Technical
Advisory Board) soon.
I'll inform you when I know.
Ville Tenhunen, puh./tel. +358 294 140 102, +358 50 576 2862
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