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20 Oct 2022

Hi all,
I like these themes i.e. "tracking systems for research data" (by Felix)
and "metadata management software/middleware in institutional settings"
(by James). In the University of Helsinki (where I do part of my working
hours now) we have started to discuss about these items unofficially,
but we do not have clear project for these - yet.
I can imagine that we will have a project in the future because it is
predicted that in Finland funders (i.e. ministry of the education and
culture) will collect data statistics for some indicator purposes (read:
money). So, in the future, institutions have to know their data very
much better than organisations do now. And as we know, institutional
data locate in dozens or hundreds of repositories on the globe.
I'm not sure if I can participate on Monday, but I'll try :-)
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