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20 Oct 2022

Hi Everyone,
I third Felix’s suggestion – we’re in the process of setting up new infrastructure with this as a future goal (so I think a couple steps behind Amy), and agree that it would be a great conversation to host.
I will try to make it to the meeting Monday, but if I’m not there I’m happy to also talk more off-line and be involved in the planning.
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Hey, all,
I second Felix's suggestion. We're building something like this now - it would be great to hear others' experiences and to think about what we can do together as a community to make these systems work together better.
I'm also in Felix's situation and will not be able to attend the meeting on Monday. Happy to talk off-line, though!
Amy (she/her)
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Hi all,
going to be a bit late (prev meeting) but see you then!
Actually I like the middleware topic. Right now, in Germany, lots of ideas are thrown in as for that (clearly iRODS, but also Rucio, Min.IO, etc. ... where it is not even clear that functionalities are +/- the same) and it would be good to maybe get some better-quality overview.